Paint It Yourself Pottery? Have a try!

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Have you ever tried painting your own pottery? Show organiser, Zaphira of Miniature Music, shares why you should have a try at PIYP on Winchcombe Street.

I ran away to London in my teens. Found a room to rent, got a job. LOVED every minute although it could be a little lonely. All these people but no family or anyone that you’d grown up with. If I found myself with a day off midweek, all my friends where working so I explored by myself, hopping on buses and the tube. Around lunchtime one day, I stumbled upon a paint your own pottery shop. I LOVED IT from the very first smell. Emma Bridgewater was all the rage at the time (she still is!) so I totally ripped of one of her mug designs having a thoroughly relaxing afternoon.

When I moved back to Cheltenham, 7 years ago, I was SO happy to find paint it yourself pottery on Winchcombe Street. (I am so old that it wasn’t around in my teens but these girls were… shhhhh)

Have you spent time in Rachel’s magical shop? Even when it’s rammed with families, and you take your kids, it still has that aura of calm and creativity. Any time spent there feels like a proper break from the stresses of life.

I love how the staff are so hands-on and friendly. They really want you to create something you’ll love and give great advice (that I am always in need off). I love going on one of the ladies nights and having a natter with my besties too.

Word to the wise, although you can take your own drinks, cocktails don’t in anyway enhance your painting skills!

DISCLAIMER: none of these painted pots are mine. I’m not that clever. I’m not showing you what I created on cocktail night either…

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STOP PRESS: They will be at the Cotswold Baby & Toddler Show, just 5 sleeps away zzzzzzzz. They are very friendly, pop over and make something festive with them! Here’s a little photo to help familiarise yourselves with their names 🙂

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What’s a Nom Nom Kids Pouch? Take a look and win your own!

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Nom Nom Kids reusable pouches are for weaning babies, toddlers & kids on the go. Watch Suzanne, NomNom Kids creator, fill them with home made purees, smoothies and yogurts. She also demos how to wash them up properly before reusing them.

Suitable for kids of all ages, from weaning babies to school children. The Nom Nom Kids Pouch has a fun design to encourage kids to eat from them making the 5 a-day less of a challenge. They are Freezer safe, Dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Watch to the end to hear about a fantastic GIVEAWAY too!

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