As well as a venue packed full of brilliant exhibitors – we’ve got a great line-up of talks to inspire:

10.30-11am The Adventure of Sky with Angela Simpeh

Adventures of Sky is a series of children’s books. The books are told from the perspective of Sky, an inquisitive young girl who loves stories. Enjoy hearing both ‘My Curly Hair’ and ‘Blast Off!’ read by author Angela Simpeh – and take the opportunity to get your books signed!

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11-11.45am Don’t be Sorry with Sarah Roberts

 This talk is for medical professionals and parents alike. Come listen and learn from mother of three Sarah Roberts whose eldest child, Oscar, was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome at birth – a diagnose that devastated her at the time. Hear more about her journey and how 5 years down the line, she’s realised having Oscar has been the making of their family… ‘He’s the little boy who inspires me everyday.’ Sarah hopes her blog and talks will help challenge medical professional as to whether should be saying ‘sorry’ on diagnosis.

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1-1.45pm Getting the Most out of Sharing Stories with Little Ones with Miranda Walker

This talk is for parents and early years professionals, addressing all the latest research on the importance of reading and concluding with Miranda reading her book ‘A Wishing Fish Clock’ where you will witness story telling as an art form.

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The Cotswold Baby & Toddler Show Spring 2018 will be held in the stunning regency Townhall building in Cheltenham. Thanks to this incredible venue, our show is set to be bigger, better laid out, and even more beautiful.

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